Best Nest Issue #105 Review!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Issue #105 of Best Nest had some great designs in them that I had trouble picking out just a few so I narrowed it down to my personal top 4 (Which may be too many but I own these posts now so it’s my choice). I’ll just make up an excuse like, it’s my first time posting on this site so we’ll have a double feature length edition. Let’s begin!

BestNest1First up, we have redchatty’s room. I find this one interesting because they have stuck to one particular colour, orange. Whilst orange is not a nice colour to have too much of, redchatty has managed to keep it in contrast with other colours, such as green which adds extra depth to it. They also have a Bronze Nest Inspector trophy so this nest must be filled with other wonderful rooms too!

BestNest2Next up we have lovxsamxlov. This room mixes many different themes and colours. They have managed to use complimentary colours (colours that look good next to eachother) such as blue and yellow. You can see this weevil has a lot of Mulch with such things as the wallpaper and the lights.

BestNest3Now, I was originally going to do 3 but then I saw the next room and I couldn’t decide between these two. The reason I like this is because of how plain and minimalistic it is, it uses one main theme, the medieval wooden theme. Whilst the over use of the gold lights ruins some of it for me, I still think this is a good room. The pink lights from the walls add something for me, as if this were an old house with ivy growing inside it.

BestNest4Last but not least we have Shinybug’s Mulch Island ruins kitchen. I don’t know what it is I like about this one. Maybe it’s something to do with the lime and dark green next to each other. Maybe it’s the mystery of the ruins. Maybe it’s something to do with all the plants and masks along with the Scribbles fountain and the chameleon.

Well, that concludes my first Best Nest review, hope you enjoyed!

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.

– Meep805


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  1. Wowsers Meep, this post is absolutely Bin-tastic!
    Great review and we can’t wait to see your next review!


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