Tink Celebrates The Opening Of Bin Weevils!

Hello Bin Weevils!

To celebrate the RE-opening of Bin Weevils, Tink has made an unexpected visit to the Binscape and he is hanging out with us!

He is currently visiting Weevils nests as I write this, so if you weevil on over to Flum’s Fountain, you may be lucky enough to see him and invite him!


To say sorry for Bin Weevils not being open, he was adding a few special Weevils that he randomly picked!

Hopefully you’ll all enjoy playing Bin Weevils now that it’s back open.

– hf556


About hf556

Hello, I'm hf556! I enjoy reporting the latest Bin news and my favourite games are Rum's Luggage Rummage, Lab's Lab and Wack A Weevil! I'm all blue with a set of super legs and antennas! . I was taught at Flem Manor School and later trained to be a secret agent at Castle Gam! My favourite locations are Nest Street, Flum's Fountain and Rum's Airport. My favourite films are Gam saves the Bin, Clott almosts blows the Bin apart and Bunty goes shopping crazy. My favourite nest items are Bling's wallpaper, Clott's explosion chair and Bunty's shopping list. My disliked nest items are Scribbles' clock, Tink's lamp and the Top Trump poster. My best buddies are Dumdawg, Emeeyceey, Eddzy, Mackied, Tum103 and Tiny-Weevil. I hope you enjoyed reading my profile!

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  1. And this is not as suspicious as when Roots was doing the same before BW was hacked again? Stop going along with things that don’t make sense and start questioning it.


  2. Thats edited. Sorry. You can tell.


    • I’m not having you just coming onto a Bin Weevils fan blog and looking to start an argument!
      This image is far from fake and you can ask a lot of my Bin Buddies, they saw him also.
      Think twice before you think to come over and just say something is fake!


  3. I highly don’t believe this and think the picture is edited, as Bin Weevils CONFIRMED to me they can’t add Weevils on moderators or celebrity Weevils to keep it fair in the Bin!


  4. Awesome post! :) He added me as well, isn’t that Bin-tastic? :D


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