Play Some Old Bin Games While You Wait!

Hello Bin Weevils!

While Bin Weevils is offline, Bin Weevil Company would love you to play some old Bin games which were available in the old Bin! These games are absolutely Bin-tastic & they’ll keep you entertained while Bin Weevils is offline.


Simply click here to start playing the old Bin games. Bin Weevil Company hopes Bin Weevils will be online soon, for now we must keep clam and wait! Have a wonderful day everyone!

– Dumdawg


About Dumdawg

Hello there. I'm Dumdawg, a Bin Weevils blogger and player. I love to write about the wonderful world of Bin Weevils, I enjoy creating fantastic posts for readers to enjoy. I own Weevily Wonder, a Bin Weevils fan site reporting the latest news from the Binscape.

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