Gam, Drewbian and NEST_INSPECTOR spotted!

Hello Bin Weevils!

As you may know, it is the week of the Nest Inspector visiting the Binscape and inviting you to his nest. This afternoon for about 15 minutes he didn’t invite Weevils to his nest.

Wondering why? He was hanging out with a few other mods until just-a-nice-guy (drewbian’s other Weevil) said go to the cheese room. So we all rushed there and got some weevily pictures.

Gam Spotted 2014

This is when we found Gam. He was just chatting to drewbian until we all rushed in. He was speaking to us about some new missions and how he completes them (not shown on Bin Badges).


In the corener, Drewbian was soon spotted. Drewbian is known to be just-a-nice-guy aka JellyKing. Drewbian was just speaking us about another staff member coming. Guess who that mod was… the Nest Inspector!

Nest Inspector

The Nest Inspector stopped inviting people to his nest and took his spare time hanging out with us. Thank you Nest Inspector for taking your spare time with us.

– King-Tiny


About TiNyWeevilBW

Hello Bin Weevils and Viewers, I am TiNy-weevil aka tombahawk and I am a blogger for Bin Weevils and Roblox and I like to post information from around the world from time to time. I have been blogging now for nearly 3 years and it has been a great success. I do not join blogs anymore because I don't go on Bin Weevils as a main account anymore. I only work for DoshMania (Joint Owner) because they have a mascot what I use sometimes and Bin Weevil Company what I am co owner off. Questions and Answers (Q&A) Q: Do you have a Weevil? A: Yes and No. I used to have TiNy-weevil but I gave up on him. You can see me around the bin on a blog mascot or/and Large-posh. Q:Can you work on my blog? A: No Sorry. I do not work on anymore blogs. I am joint owner with jjs on Dosh Mania and Co owner on Bin Weevil Company. Q: Can I work on your blog? A: You are going to have to be experienced for dosh mania only and do the little information thing on the join us page. On Bin Weevil Company no one joins. Important Q: Do you have any buddies can you add me? Important A: I do have buddies and I cant add because I dont have a main weevil. I have outside of Bin Weevils friends called Dumdwag, hf556, Buzzy56 and more! I also have 'xat' friends.

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    • Haha, It was just-a-nice-guy who told us, He is a secret mod as well as my buddy. Its been amazing visiting NEST_INSPECTORS nest, I have been every day since.


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