Summer Fair: Bin Pet Bounce

Hello Bin Weevils!


Here, I bring you a detailed post about Bin Pet Bounce that is a new addition to the games, at the Summer Fair.

A majority of rumours had spread around the Binscape about the game, when the Summer Fair made its second appearance on the game.

However, once we had played Bin Pet Bounce for the first time, clearly no one was expecting such a skilful, exciting & fun-filled game like that.

By entering the helter skelter, an automatic option screen will appear.

By entering the helter skelter, you’ll see a screen appear allowing you to select a certain Bin Pet that can play the game. Currently, you can only play the game with your own pet that you purchased – soon you’ll be able to play with celebrities’ pets of their own!

Bin Pet Bounce can be quite confusing at first, but once you’ve had a majority of go’s you’ll get the hang of it & get through it.

As you can see, the game is set on a helter skelter and what you are aiming to do, is climb to the top of the tower without dropping.



To succeed in this game, you’ll need to move your Bin Pet, using your mouse, to each blue-striped platform whilst your pet is jumping.

Along the way you may find a golden platform, drag your pet to it and it will allow you to jump even higher, at a fast speed!

Look out for the golden Bin Pet balls, these will increase your score rapidly. With a high score, you’ll be able to collect more tokens!

– Eddzy


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