The Bin Weevils Show Highlights 20.07.14


Hello Bin Weevils!

A fabulous show from the Bin Weevils gang on Fun Kids today!

We’ve been listening in to the Bin Weevils Show and pointed out some of the most important parts of the show, and have produced this post to cover it all.


Every time you tune into the show, as a special treat the gang away a code to each & everyone of you, to enter at the Mystery Code Machine for some bonus Mulch!

Today’s unique code to enter…


Be sure to enter it quickly because it expires tomorrow, I know that none of you want to miss out some bonus Mulch!


Weevily wow! We’ve heard some Bin-tastic news from Scribbles today and I know that everyone is going to start buzzing about it!

  • Become a Big Weevil – apparently in the far future, Big Weevil will reveal his secret on how he became bigger than anyone else. Does this mean that we will get to be super sized in the future? Find out soon!
  • Dosh’s Palace Makeover – It is said that Dosh’s Palace will be having a makeover very soon! Isn’t that Bin-tastic? Hopefully we’ll get more on this as it comes in.


My pal, Chip8967 sent a question to Scribbles and it got answered during the show… here’s the question and what he had to say…

“Where did you get your Super Antenna from?” Good question! I visited a island where I found hiding, a shiny gem. I touched it and out of nowhere, I got my own Super Antenna to keep forever and ever.


There were a variety of songs I enjoyed listening to this morning, but out of all the songs I enjoyed listening to…

Bin Weevils – The Great Bin Weevils

This was also the song that opened up today’s Bin Weevils Show! Let me hear what your favourite song was, just leave me a reply below.

Several Bin Weevils joined unicron7022 to listen in at the Shopping Mall.

Several Bin Weevils joined unicron7022 to listen in at the Shopping Mall.

Make sure you tune in for another Bin-tastic show next week, I wonder what jokes, news and gossip have in store for us!

– Eddzy


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