Guest Blogger: CHO-CHERRY!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Yet again, another Guest Blogger has appeared on the What’s New Blog to review the curious creature, Burple on how he appeared in the Binscape.


“Arghhhhhhhh!” yelled Tink.

He was being awoken by his Shake-You-Awake Alarm Clock. It jerked and he tumbled out of bed. “I know they’re top of the range,” he muttered groggily, clutching his  bruised head, “But that’s not the nicest way to get up!”

After recovering from the shock, Tink whipped up some earwax on toast then headed out into his garden. Every now and then it was nice to get mucky, plant seeds and water plants.

Tink felt very content with the sun’s yellow rays dancing on his face. He had pruned all of the bushes, collected cherries, lemons, apples and oranges from various fruit trees (eating a few as he went), tended to his Venus Flytrap and mended the fence.


“That’s all I think,” Tink said and trotted down the garden path. He was just about to go inside when…

“My Pit Of Mystery is ready to harvest!”

Jumping with excitement, Tink rushed over to his Pit of Mystery and waited… and waited… Where was the caramel-coloured teddy? The sweet smelling flowers? The big box of chocolates? The brightly coloured balloons?

“Where’s my reward? cried Tink, getting agitated. He should’ve been more careful where he was standing because he suddenly slipped and fell down into the Pit of Mystery! Tink shrieked with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

Had a Bin Weevil ever fallen down a Pit Of Mystery before? What secrets lay within?


Tink finally reached the bottom and landed with an almighty thud. “Ow!” he moaned. Two bruises on his head in one morning! Slowly he got up and gazed around at his surroundings. It was completely pink with dirt and grime in the crevices. On the ground was a chubby, blue, polka-dotted creature!

“Heyyo! BURP!” it giggled. “Here’s your pwize!”  It presented him with a shiny, newly minted Dosh coin. “Thanks!” gasped Tink, then sighed. However mesmerising the money was, it wasn’t going to help him out of this situation.

But then the creature (who was called Burple) gave Tink something he was even more grateful for – a rope. Chuckling with joy, Tink hauled himself and Burple out of the gloomy pit and into the sunshine.

Everything was going to be fine!


Suddenly a huge tentacle lurched out of the Pit Of Mystery. “Oh no!” thought Tink, shaking like a leaf! “What’s going to happen now?” To his berwilderment, relief and delight, the tentacle gave him an enormous box of chocolates then shrunk back to regular size.

The setting crimson sun was now dipping slowly beyond the horizon. “Come on,” said Tink, taking Burple’s podgy hand, “We’ve got chocolates to eat!


If your Guest Blogger Review gets featured on the What’s New Blog, you’ll find a shiny, exclusive Scribbles trophy hiding in your chest! You’ll also receive a Burple Poster on top of that – isn’t that Bin-tastic?

Want a chance to be featured next? Send in your Guest Blogger Review to on Burple and how he arrived in the Binscape and you may appear on the What’s New Blog – remember to include your Bin Weevils username.


We had a read of this Guest Blogger Review and we have to say, in our eyes it was absolutely excellent and mind-blowing! It was filled with detail and the story line was rather interesting and adventurous.

Congratulations to CHO-CHERRY from everyone here, at Bin Weevil Company!

– Eddzy


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  1. Hi I am actually CHO-CHERRY thanks so much for your kind comment it really touched me. :)


  2. Weevily wow Edd, that logo you made is great!
    Maybe we have a new Bin Weevil Company logo…
    Thank you for posting this also (:


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