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  1. Hey DumDawg! Hey hf556 its me I-AM-spying, this is my original weevil! I love your blog! I am so excited about the new game Weevil World! But I have a question for you…. will you get to be a weevil but care for your bin bots? Will you see other weevils around the bin? Is it better than binweevils? What i’m worried about though is that now that a new game by the creators of binweevils has come out everybody might be playing that and there will be hardly anybody on binweevils! I hope that doesen’t happen!


    • Hi! We’re delighted to hear that you love our blog! :) Tricky question you asked… we’re not quite sure yet as not a lot of information has been shared about Weevil World. However, we know that you’ll be able to get your own Bin Weevil (Weevil World) character and look after the Bin Bots that you collect (in an in-game Bin Bot House which you’ll be able to upgrade). :)


  2. It must be Bin Weevils from the past, as that potion leads to Lab’s Lab, and there is our nest in the middle! Can’t wait to see the finished design – I’ve already signed up to receive updates. :)

    I hope Weevil World will be on all platforms; PC, Tablet; Mobiles etc.


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