Guest Bloggers: Bin2761, gloop3262 & hayat3581!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s three of the latest Guest Bloggers from the What’s New Blog:



One day, Lab was in his lab practicing experiments.

He decided on a mixing combination of four different potions: BB-4, BB-3, BB-4 and BB-1. A massive blast of smoke came out with a big BANG! Had he done something wrong? No, he had created an adorable small creature, but a bit too small. So, with the last drop of his Size-O-Matic formula, he made this creature a bit larger.

All of a sudden the creature gave Lab 200 Mulch! It was almost like he was a prize giver. So… Lab cloned him. There were now about 25 of them. He gave one to each of the Binscape celebrities. Now he had to give all of the other Bin Weevils one, but he needed to do this in small groups, or he would be stuck in a pile of what he called ‘Burples’.

Each Burple would give their owner prizes for 7 days and then comment a lot as a purple Burple.

After a few weeks, the cloning was finished and everyone had their own Burple! It was a nice surprise for all Bin Weevils.


Once upon a time there was a little, blue, polka-dotted alien and his name was Burple and he lived on planet Mars.

One day it was nearly 100 degrees on Mars!

“Phew, Burple it’s getting too boiling hot and it’s nearly 100 degrees! We need to move to another planet because the Sun is too close and if we don’t move planets we will turn into wrinkly raisins!” Mum and Dad explained as they fanned themselves with their blue polka-dotted hands.

“Okay, I’ll start packing my bags and suitcases,” Burple replied politely.

They all packed their bags and collected all their belongings and carefully put them in the boot of the rocket, then they all jumped in and buckled their seat belts and started the engine.

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” Burple asked impatiently hoping they had arrived.

“Almost!” the parents replied.

Finally Burple and his parents had reached their destination. They arrived at the Binscape! Burple made millions of new friends to play with and they all lived happily ever after.

The End!


Once upon a time, in the Burple kingdom of Burpalon, there lived a Burple King.

One Burple day this Burple King, who was called Burple Burple the Fifth, called his purple son, the Burple Prince Burple Burple the Sixth, over to his purple side.

“My Burple son… we are invited to be the newest and cutest Burple-tastic item in Bin Weevils!” said the King.

“Yay!” his son replied.

Since then every Bin Weevil in the Binscape had a very cute Burple who gave them prizes everyday.



If you want a chance to become a Guest Blogger, please send your Burple origin story to ‘’ and be sure to include your Bin Weevils username!

– hf556


About hf556

Hello, I'm hf556! I enjoy reporting the latest Bin news and my favourite games are Rum's Luggage Rummage, Lab's Lab and Wack A Weevil! I'm all blue with a set of super legs and antennas! . I was taught at Flem Manor School and later trained to be a secret agent at Castle Gam! My favourite locations are Nest Street, Flum's Fountain and Rum's Airport. My favourite films are Gam saves the Bin, Clott almosts blows the Bin apart and Bunty goes shopping crazy. My favourite nest items are Bling's wallpaper, Clott's explosion chair and Bunty's shopping list. My disliked nest items are Scribbles' clock, Tink's lamp and the Top Trump poster. My best buddies are Dumdawg, Emeeyceey, Eddzy, Mackied, Tum103 and Tiny-Weevil. I hope you enjoyed reading my profile!

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