Bin Pets Paradise Safari: Your opinions!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I’d thought I should just pop in to share a couple opinions on what the Safari at Bin Pets Paradise actually could be, and feature them on this post.

Bin Pets Paradise opened late last year and yet there is still quite a bit of time to wait until the Safari will actually open to everyone – we all hope that it opens very, very soon as more rumours keep coming in on what could hold behind those wooden gates.


Twisted: I think it will be related to Mulch Island.

SourCotton678: Maybe it could be related to wild Bin Pets?

Clevercupcake31: Is the Safari in a jungle?

greenpuppet: I want to meet other animals and adopt them!

Thanks for your opinions! Unfortunately, that’s all the brief ideas that were sent in to us and I’m sure you are all excited about the forthcoming release of the Safrai.


Have you heard? Something very strange was happening to the Time Portal today and two ordinary Bin Weevils were caught in a spin, leading to a huge amount of rumours.


Could it be that Peel Park is finally actually returning to the Binscape? I’m sure you are all weevily-excited to find out – make sure you keep an eye on the Time Portal because anything could happen, at any time at all.

– Eddzy


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  1. Hi Eddzy is your BW acc ok?


  2. Great post!


  3. I agree with Sourcotten678.


    • I thought her opinion was excellent, that’s exactly what I had in mind of what the Safari could actually hold as well.


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