Scribbles Asks: Mystery Crates Spotted!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Scribbles was busy looking for the next scoop with Doodle but as he approached the bush, over it he could see the Nest Inspector standing next to a pile of Mystery Crates that were in different crates and sizes!

Those crates were labelled with the word, Nestco which probably means that it is something to do with another big nest item that is arriving to that very shop soon.


What he was rather curious about was not only what is hiding inside those crates but also why the Nest Inspector didn’t tell anyone about them.

After, the two mischiefs named Tink and Clott arrived to help move the crates in direction to the Shopping Mall which Nestco is located in. Scribbles went running after then until suddenly something shiny caught his eye…


This strange gadget seems like a radio dish that is part of some sort of control system according to Zing, an expert of all the weird and wonderful gadgets that are found and also used around the Binscape.

What do you think this could be and could it have fallen out of a crate? Leave your weevily thoughts in the comments area below and tell us what you think.

– Eddzy


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  1. hey guys,

    bin weevils is epic, right?

    Ijust totally love the changes they have made, especially that now anybody, not just bin tycoons, can change their look in the bin weevil changer.

    Iabsolutely hate the way they have changed tums diner and the food.

    it’s rubbish and if you’re with me, send me a reply to let me know.

    the other day I was at Flums fountain and apparently I got told by another weevil that the bad weevil is back!

    send me a reply soon


  2. hi Eddzy, that is totally amazing! how on earth do other bin weevils get to see the nest inspector. it is just not fair. I have never even caught a glimpse of the nest inspector. please help me to find the nest inspector as I want some good news to tell you all. please. if you help me to find the nest inspector then I promise I will help you with something in return. and by the way if you don’t know who I am talking to then I will tell you that I am actually talking to Eddzy. so Eddzy what will it be: help me to find the nest inspector and some help returned to you or you don’t help me and then in return no help given to you. please hurry up with the answer Eddzy because I want it by today and if that does happen then we can both search for the nest inspector.

    Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 14:47:36 +0000 To:


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