Postman Pat The Movie: Wordsearch Solution

Hello Bin Weevils!

Have you been over to the Postman Pat The Movie arena over at Rum’s Cove yet? If not, I’d suggest you go there now because inside there’s a puzzle to work out – a wordsearch.

Are you not able to find all the words that have been hidden in this puzzle? Do not fear because I have been busy solving it myself and have the answers here for you. There is quite a bit of Mulch and XP up for grabs as well so get finding!

postman pat

Tip: If you are looking for any words but can’t seem to find them, use the colour code on the right hand side to help you find them all easy!

Interested in solving another puzzle and want piles of more Mulch and XP on top of what you have just gained? I’d suggest you head on over to our Puzzles page where you shall find a selection of solutions to crosswords and wordsearches.

– Eddzy


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