Scribbles Asks: Your Blogger Replies!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s the latest Scribbles post from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Wow, Bin Weevils! I knew lots of you enjoy blogs and blogging, but I simply wasn’t prepared to receive so many emails from you all last week. Thanks to everyone for getting involved!

All your blogs and answers were absolutely bin-tastic and I had so much fun reading through everything!

Check out some of my favourite responses below:



“I enjoy creating a blog due to the fact you can share your wonderful news with the entire world! I also like reading blogs to get inspiration for my posts, and find out some weevily cool news.”


“I like creating a blog because I want everyone to be up to date on what’s happening in the Bin and also outside of the Bin.”


“What I love about blogging is that it lets you share your point of view easily with the whole world!”



“To be absolutely fantastic it needs to be unique in its own way like yours!”


“Well every year we have blog hunts and we sometimes have meet up times and parties for everyone to have fun online!”


“Where the blog is always being updated and tells everyone what is coming up in the near future. I like offers on blogs such as codes and free giveaways.”



“I think the What’s New Blog is really bin-tastic as it is! It is really colourful and you can get involved in a lot of competitions and other fun stuff.”


“To make the What’s New Blog better, you could have more sneak peeks rather than announcements. Also, maybe some guest blog posts from us Bin Weevils bloggers.”


“We would make the What’s New Blog even better by involving other weevils from the Binscape and replying to comments that Weevils make.”

Scribbles_Asked_Bloggers_03 (1)

– Eddzy


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