Have you joined in with The Great Egg Hunt fun?

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Great Egg Hunt has really cheered up our holidays, but have you took part in this Bin-tastic event yet?

Simply head over to the Shopping Mall and begin your quest to find the hidden eggs around the Binscape. Did you know? You could be in a chance of earning piles of Mulch as well as some wicked nest items, which you can treasure forever!


Struggling to track down the positions of the Easter Eggs around the Bin? Fear not because we are providing them right here, on Bin Weevil Company! Simply click here to read a full review as well as find out the locations of the eggs.

Psst… It’s time to find Bin Weevil Company’s eighth Easter Egg! Here’s a clue: ‘Look back at some of our fun-filled parties.’ Hurry, the Easter Egg will disappear at 5pm! Remember to write down the page name.

– Eddzy


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  1. Thanks Edd!
    You and Tiny-Weevll have been a great help with updating the blog. Weevily wow, have you noticed the views? 100,000! Wow, that’s quite something. I will be doing a post about that and the Easter Egg Hunt. Wasn’t it amazing that Tink and Clott visited the Binscape?
    – Shy


    • WOW hf556 100,000 is a lot! Well done BWC team and have you seen http://binweevilsstuff4u.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/awards-winners/ ?? :)


      • Thanks Samfay!
        Wow, I never knew we were in them awards, I would of done a post asking people to vote.
        I’ll do a post to let blog viewers to know that we won!


    • Hey, shy! Did you have a good holiday?
      You are ever so welcome! I have been ever so busy last Sunday, this Monday and Tuesday but I managed to post per-day before those days :) Weevily wow! That’s amazing and it only took a few days! :D


      • I had a great holiday! Thanks for helping update the site, it’s very much appreciated.
        Have you noticed the new header in celebration of reaching 100,000 views?


      • Glad to hear and you are very welcome, my friend :) I spotted the header first thing this morning, I’m loving it and I love the way you have added fireworks into the header to celebrate 100,000 views! :D


      • I agree, the fireworks is a good feature for the header.
        I’ve just finished replying to some comments on here and now I’ve got over 500 emails to look through.
        The Clark’s Adventure really is Bin-tastic, I played two of the games at it.


      • Hey Edd, could you let me know what days would be best for you to post?


      • Hey shy! I’m ever so sorry about the late reply, I have been busy all day, and I probably will be tomorrow too. Probably the days I am likely to post are on a late Friday, Saturday and possibly early Sunday morning :) I may be able to post during the week depending on if I have completed my school work. :)

        Have a nice weekend!


      • Hi Edd!
        Thanks for letting me know. Would it be alright if I put on the author schedule (which I’m currently working on) for you to post on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and optional in the week?


      • Yes, that is absolutely fine :)


      • When you do get a chance to post tonight, could one of your posts possibly be about Furby?
        Also, have you pitched the tent yet?


      • Possibly about 5:00pm :) What do you mean by ‘have you pitched the tent yet?’


      • You told my girlfriend that you it’s your turn for a holiday and you were going to pitch a tent in the garden or on the roof.


      • Lol, that was a joke about pitching a tent in the garden or on the roof (I told her that it was a joke) but I was going to have a break from blogging because I have been working super-hard over the holidays :)


  2. Hey Eddzy Here is the link to my blog Weevily Fantastic http://doshy345.wordpress.com And Hi Lol


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