Earth Day Items on sale in Nestco!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Earth Day is fast approaching and there is not long to go at all until the day when 192 countries worldwide will join together in celebration of planet Earth.


Show your appreciation to the Earth and purchase a few Earth Day nest items with are on sale right now in Nestco, which is located inside the Shopping Mall.


There are so many items to choose from and they all show that you love the world you are living on right now. Each item is Earth themed and are only on sale for a limited time only, so get yours as soon as possible!

Psst… It’s time to find Bin Weevil Company’s sixth Easter Egg! Here’s a clue: ‘Looking for mixes that you can combine together to create a robot.’ Hurry, the Easter Egg will disapear at 5pm! Remember to write down the page name.

– Eddzy


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  1. Please post this on Weevily Wonder, but more shorter thank you.


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