High views ever recorded on Bin Weevil Company

Hello Bin Weevils,

Weevily Wow, as I was checking at the views I found out that we have smashed our view target quite a bit. I was really impressed with the views EVER recorded in my entire life, so that’s why I want to do a post saying thank you

Weevily wow! Our blog views are sky high! The time in this picture is an hour early. - hf556

Weevily wow! Our blog views are sky high! The time in this picture is an hour early. – hf556

(Please Note: if you can’t read it please click it to make this picture bigger)

So I would like to say thank you to everyone single viewer in the last two days for the fantastic views. I’m sure we can get over 1000 today or tomorrow.

Psst: Bin Weevils company will be hosting 100,000 views party soon so what we would like you to do is keep viewing this blog.

Thanks for reading this post.


Message from hf556:

I would like to say a big thanks to Eddzy and Tiny-Weevil who are working hard to keep this blog updated, it’s really appreciated! Bin Weevil Company have received 1,004 views at 18:40 today. Do you think we’ll reach 100,000 views by May 22nd?


About TiNyWeevilBW

Hello Bin Weevils and Viewers, I am TiNy-weevil aka tombahawk and I am a blogger for Bin Weevils and Roblox and I like to post information from around the world from time to time. I have been blogging now for nearly 3 years and it has been a great success. I do not join blogs anymore because I don't go on Bin Weevils as a main account anymore. I only work for DoshMania (Joint Owner) because they have a mascot what I use sometimes and Bin Weevil Company what I am co owner off. Questions and Answers (Q&A) Q: Do you have a Weevil? A: Yes and No. I used to have TiNy-weevil but I gave up on him. You can see me around the bin on a blog mascot or/and Large-posh. Q:Can you work on my blog? A: No Sorry. I do not work on anymore blogs. I am joint owner with jjs on Dosh Mania and Co owner on Bin Weevil Company. Q: Can I work on your blog? A: You are going to have to be experienced for dosh mania only and do the little information thing on the join us page. On Bin Weevil Company no one joins. Important Q: Do you have any buddies can you add me? Important A: I do have buddies and I cant add because I dont have a main weevil. I have outside of Bin Weevils friends called Dumdwag, hf556, Buzzy56 and more! I also have 'xat' friends.

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  1. Hi Tiny!
    This is awesome, I’m sure we’re going to have 1,000+ views today! I would like to say thanks to you and Eddzy for keeping this blog up-to-date.
    Would it be alright if you could change the picture so that it doesn’t have the bit where it says how many views per visitor and how many posts were posted, because then viewers can see the views have gone up.


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