Check out the recent Bin Weevils Update!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I was having a long chat with some of my friends on Bin Weevils until suddenly, I got logged off. I then logged back in and when I arrived inside my nest, well that’s when I spotted something Bin-tastic.

Bin Weevils have recently removed the Nest News feature, which was toilet roll, inside our nests leaving an enormous space in the corner! I was wondering why the feature had been removed but as I rolled my eyes down to the corner of my screen, I realised an all-new icon sitting on top of the slimey border.


That all-new something was the in-game news tablet which is in fact quite similar to the old Nest News feature! This is an orange tablet that features instead of writing, images that represent a certain event that is taking place in the Binscape.

Plus, if you’ve recently visited the What’s New Blog this afternoon, you may have realised that there’s an all-new banner featuring a picture of the Bin’s ace reporter. You can also find a new banner on the Fan Art and Fun Stuff pages.


It’s the Easter Holidays which means that the team members will be able to keep you up to date more often. Bin Weevils are changing quite a lot and more updates are appearing nearly every day in the game. If we find a new update, be sure to find it posted on here before any other blog!

Psst… Did you know that our annual Easter Egg Hunt is coming very soon, keep an eye out on the website for this exciting event, we know that you are going to love it!

– Eddzy


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  1. I dont like the update. Ever since i joined the bin it was like that now that space is horrid in my nest :(.


  2. For the enormous space, I’ve suggested to Bin Weevils to add a window, which you can open and close. I tihnk it would look nicer. :D


  3. I like how you do your posts, at the end you put the Psst: :) ! I love the update!


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