Scroll down and enter a Bin Weevils Secret Code!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I logged into Bin Weevils this afternoon, to find a small icon sticking out of the bottom of my Bin Weevils screen. I scrolled down to discover an all-new Bin Weevils update, a Secret Code icon!


This new feature enables you to enter a Mystery Code in a different place around the Binscape instead of having to go to Lab’s Lab. All you need to do is simply scroll down and click on the Secret Code icon to instantly open up the Mystery Code Machine screen.

Psst… I’m planning to host a Bin Weevils Easter competition, stay tuned to Bin Weevil Company to find out what this will be all about – I can tell you that it is going to be big!

– Eddzy


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  1. The post is amazing :)! I love the Update its better.


  2. Reblogged this on A World Of Bin Weevils and commented:
    Just to let you know, The_Code_Master will be updating his Codes page with this new info soon!


  3. Hello Eddzy, are you back blogging now.


  4. Thanks Edd!
    Could I have your email so I can tell you when I won’t be around?


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