James Spotted At Figg’s Cafe!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I was just finding all the Furby Furblings around the Binscape, so I went to Figg’s Cafe first and then I saw a familiar face, it was James the Bin Weevils Producer!


James looked very busy, as usual but he did say hi to me! Bin Weevil Company will update you when we find any Bin Weevils moderators around the Binscape.



About Dumdawg

Hello there. I'm Dumdawg, a Bin Weevils blogger and player. I love to write about the wonderful world of Bin Weevils, I enjoy creating fantastic posts for readers to enjoy. I own Weevily Wonder, a Bin Weevils fan site reporting the latest news from the Binscape.

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  2. COOL! I met gene-simmons yesterday and whent to his nest. His nest isn’t very good nor is his magazines.


  3. When the Weevil post was having a re-vamp rumors saying a new cafe was coming and figgs cafe was going because figg will be working in the new cafe?


  4. My Dad talked to james on phone


    • I do not care, tomorrow, when my Mum rings the Bin Weevils Team I shall be explaining everything, Bin Weevils Team said the users who went on your account will get their weevil disabled, also they know who logged in and when.

      Also, I will be getting everything back :) I don’t really care if you trashed it, that’s all you could do. Have fun!


    • Oh by the way, WordPress will be blocking you viewing Weevily Wonder, I mean blocking you, someone else is doing the same. :)


  5. I’ve found Figg’s Cafe really gloomy for the past few days, maybe he is busy working on re-vamping Figg’s Cafe! :D


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