Eddzy is back!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Ever since I announced that I would be leaving Bin Weevils, there has been hardly been anything to get up to on the web. I’ve been playing on Bin Weevils for a three whole years and it’s impossible to leave it because it’s Bin-tastic!


I’ve got some weevily news for you all, I’ve returned to blogging and Bin Weevils and will be reporting some of the most interesting news in the Binscape right here!

– Eddzy


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  1. Eddzy if you do make a blog please could u make me co owner because i will be good and wont let you down.


  2. Eddzy, If you want to make a blog again make a new email and a new wordpress account then change the pass and everything so you cant get hacked.


  3. Yay! Welcome back!


  4. Eddy I’m gobsmacked! I missed you and I’m glad your back! but


  5. Glad that your back to Bin Weevils and blogging!


  6. OH NO, I will be deleted now :( From Bin Weevil Company.


  7. Yay! Eddzy, please post this on Weevily Wonder, glad your back buddy, are you still Weevily Wonder’s 2nd co-owner.


  8. Welcome back! Have you heard this…? (link removed)


  9. I’ve got some plans that you are going to love, stay tuned to Bin Weevil Company for it all! :)


  10. Woah Eddzy Ur back im so glad now im never going to be sad again.


    • It’s impossible to leave the virtual world that has inspired me to use the internet even more, without Bin Weevils I probably wouldn’t even have a laptop!


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