Best Nest Issue #75 Review!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Nest Inspector has surely been running around all week, looking for creative Bin-terior designs to feature in his Best Nest magazine! Another issue has hit the shelves today at the Weevil Post, it’s an issue you don’t want to miss!


Weevily wow, I’ve just viewed the magazine to find that three Bin Weevils bloggers, plus two other Bin Weevils I know have been featured in this week’s Best Nest issue! I would like to congratulate each and everyone of you who made it into Best Nest – here is a few nest rooms from the magazine:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s right, Bin Weevil Company owner, hf556 has made it into this week’s issue of Best Nest! I have to say, his nest room deserves to be featured in this magazine because it’s truly amazing! Here’s a picture with myself and hf556 with the Best Nest wall trophy:


To send your nest photos to the Nest Inspector for a chance to win an exclusive trophy and be featured in Best Nest, you’ll need to be a Bin Tycoon. Learn more  on the Membership  page!


– Eddzy


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  1. Well done hf556 on getting into this week’s BEST NEST your room was defiantly fab! :)
    I’ve seen you earlier this week in the Bin and sorry that I quickly disappeared; I was logged out of the bin…. If your wondering where I went. Anyway once again wd on getting in BEST NEST! :) x


  2. Thanks Edd! Do you think we should stop posting WNB posts?


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