Best Nest Issue #70 Review!

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Nest Inspector has certainly selected some of his top picks this week, featuring a nest room created by one of my closest friends! This week, the Nest Inspector has selected ten Bin-tastic rooms in different decorating styles! Check out the all-new Best Nest Magazine, out now at Weevil Post, and get inspired!


I would like to congratulate my friend, Chip8967 whose nest room got featured in this week’s Best Nest, see the room above! I have to say, his nest room is amazing with those dark cave features. I’m loving the Christmas stocking on the wall, it brings some festive spirit into the room and blends in with the everything else in the room.


This nest room featured on pages one to two caught my eye when I first seen the room created by littledownham, the background really fits in with all the furniture around it.  The creepy bookcase looks very spooky with the two scary skulls on the left and right, I’ve always wondered what’s inside the books! Overall great effort.

– Eddzy


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  1. Oh dear, I really am doing bad things today.


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