Weevil Weekly Round-Up #219

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Hiya, it’s Scribbles reporting! Can you believe it’s 2014?! I’m so excited to start another year of weevily adventures with my buddies…and now it’s time for my first Weevil Weekly Round-Up post of the year!

Make sure to write me your comments for a chance to be featured in the next Weevil Weekly Round-Up, and I’ll send you a shiny gold Scribbles Trophy for your nest if your comment is selected!  You can leave your thoughts on the What’s New Blog posts all week long to let me know what you’re thinking.


If you’re feeling a little blue that the holidays are over, then a new look for your nest could be the perfect pick-me-up. When you take your festive ornaments down, redecorate with a big splash of colour and fill your room with a rainbow of cheer!

There’s never been a better time to collect some really awesome items to complete your room, because the Level-Free Shopping Spree is on now in the Shopping Mall. For a limited time, the levels in the shops have disappeared, so you can grab yourself a high-level item RIGHT NOW! Amazing!


The top-selling item of the week is the CCTV Camera! Wow, it looks like the SWS agents are stocking up on gadgets and supplies, getting ready to battle the WEB in the New Year. Stay alert!

What do you think the WEB will be up to this year? Leave me some of your theories in the comments at the bottom of this Round-Up!


The Nest Inspector has been hard at work on one of his top-secret New Year projects, and he’s almost ready to reveal it. Are you ready for this? I’ve heard that he’s about to launch his own range of prestigious nest items that will be sure to send your Nest Coolness through the roof!

The Nest Inspector’s high standards are tough to meet, so I’m sure these new nest items will be absolutely Bin-tacular. Stay tuned for an EXCLUSIVE reveal of one of the first items from the collection here on the What’s New Blog tomorrow!


Celebrate the start of the New Year with a little gift from me to you! This poster of me and Doodle (my cheeky Bin Pet) is FREE to collect for all  my readers!

Pick up your poster at Lab’s Lab now by entering the code WW2014YAY in the Mystery Code Machine!


Keep your eyes peeled and look out for me every week for a chance to see your photo here! I love hanging out with my fans and meeting you all in the Binscape. (I’ve got a special profile pic when you click on me, so you’ll know it’s really me.)


Last week, I asked my readers about their New Year’s Resolutions. Here are a few of my favourites:

nesssssssssssse: My resolution is to get to Level 65  and help my Bin Pet to get skill 10 in juggling (he is already skill 9) and turn him into a runner!

mango4: My resolution is to work harder with my buddies and try not to squabble over silly things like who goes first in pool.  And to try and improve my maths for Lab’s Daily Brain Strain!

Ghosts-Busters: My Bin Weevils resolution is to give Bin Tours to the new players! My real life resolution is to eat everything on my plate at dinner!

zoezizi: My New Year’s Resolution is to help my Bin Pet juggle nine balls and to get featured in Best Nest!

gopler: To become a Bin Tycoon and to get to level 50 and become racer of the day!

Good luck with your resolutions, friends! I wish all my readers a happy New Year, and I can’t wait for the next weevily adventure.

Stay tuned for all the big scoops in the Bin, every week! Keep commenting on the What’s New Blog for your next chance to get your comments featured.

Have a Bin-tastic weekend!


– hf556

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About hf556

Hello, I'm hf556! I enjoy reporting the latest Bin news and my favourite games are Rum's Luggage Rummage, Lab's Lab and Wack A Weevil! I'm all blue with a set of super legs and antennas! . I was taught at Flem Manor School and later trained to be a secret agent at Castle Gam! My favourite locations are Nest Street, Flum's Fountain and Rum's Airport. My favourite films are Gam saves the Bin, Clott almosts blows the Bin apart and Bunty goes shopping crazy. My favourite nest items are Bling's wallpaper, Clott's explosion chair and Bunty's shopping list. My disliked nest items are Scribbles' clock, Tink's lamp and the Top Trump poster. My best buddies are Dumdawg, Emeeyceey, Eddzy, Mackied, Tum103 and Tiny-Weevil. I hope you enjoyed reading my profile!

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  1. Hf556, thanks for continuing to do a very good job to bring us all the latest news with the Weevil Weekly Round-Up! I shall enjoy looking through this and learning all the tricks, surprises and gossip you come to bring us. Thanks!!


  2. I can’t wait for the Nestige Range to come it sounds amazing. xD


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