Weevil Weekly Round-Up #218

Hey Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:


Hey, weevily pals! Hope you all had a Bin-tastic Christmas with your friends and family!

It’s sure been a mad week, but the Bin’s best reporter (that’s me, Scribbles!) managed to squeeze in a quick interview with Gong about the big opening of GymPet. Read on to find out what Gong had to say, then collect two FREE nest items as an extra gift from me to you!


Hey Gong! It must have been a busy holiday for you, with the grand opening of GymPet happening just before Christmas!

That’s right, Scribbles. But I just love the buzz of the holidays. I have even more energy than usual, which is a whole LOT!

Your super-fit Bin Pet helped you design some of the activities inside GymPet. How do you keep your pet so fit?

Well, I make sure to train him every day – playing fetch and dancing in the Aerobics room are his favourite workouts. I also make sure to feed him regularly so he gets all the vitamins he needs to stay strong!  And I give him lots of praise and encouragement. A happy Bin Pet will train much better!


Great tips, Gong! So, when you do your own fitness training, do you take your pet with you?

Yup, I sure do!  Bin Pets are copycats – they like to do everything you do. Try jumping up and down while your pet’s in front of you. Your pet will mimic your move!  When you stretch up on your toes and do a ‘stand up’ move, your pet will repeat that, too. This mimic training helps your pet unlock new types of movements!

Wow! I’ll have to try that with my pet, Doodle! So, what’s in the future for GymPet in 2014?

First up, I’m going to get some more music tracks for the Aerobics studio. I’ve had a lot of requests for different kinds of music from pets and owners, so I’ll try to get some wicked new tunes in there soon.

Sounds awesome! Thanks for the interview, Gong!

No problem. I’ll be seeing you and Doodle at GymPet!


Want a Bin-tastic winter poster for your nest? It’s just the thing to chase away the post-Christmas blues, and it’s FREE to collect for all my readers!

Pick up your poster at Lab’s Lab now by entering the code SCRIBSNOWY in the Mystery Code Machine.

Read on for a bonus puzzle to solve. If you can crack it, you’ll earn a code to claim a SECOND free item!


Next week, I’ll be back with your regular Weevil Weekly Round-Up including comments from YOU, the Fan Cam and an extra-special reveal about what’s coming up in the New Year!

Enjoy the holidays!


– Eddzy


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