BEST NEST Issue #66 Review!

Happy Christmas Weevils!

Bin Weevil Company have created an exclusive BEST NEST review for issue 66. Enjoy reading through the review and tell us what you think in the comments section below! Weevil on over to the Weevil Post now to take a look at the remaining nest rooms inside the magazine.


Weevily yummy! My stomach started rumbling when I saw Kan‘s room! That’s right, she has made her very own Christmas pudding kitchen, isn’t that a clever idea? The hanging ice lights on the ceiling bring some coldness into the room as well as a bit of blueness! I have to say the orange, brown and yellow atmosphere in this room is remarkable, the Christmas puddings remind me of last Christmas when I ate one!


Not only has fridayschild‘s room been featured in Best Nest but also it is the Nest Inspectors top pick this week, isn’t that Bin-tastic? Her winter-y themed room looks so chilly an cold and the ice cream sundae at the front is cold and tasty, it fits perfectly in the room! The snowmen remind me of building the maximum of three snowmen last year, I wonder how many I could build this year?

– Eddzy


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