hf556 is Inside the Bin Weevils Mag!

Hey Weevils!

Yesterday I brought the newest issue of the Bin Weevils Magazine to find that hf556 was included inside! He was featured on one of the pages, which Gab was answering questions on. Here is the question hf556 had to ask:

“Have Tink and Clott ever ruined your show?”

Gab answered his question with:

“Oh dear, what haven’t Tink and Clott ruined? Poor things, they don’t mean to cause trouble, but it seems to follow them wherever they go. Last week they helped me set up my studio when I landed a big interview with Dosh, which was very nice of them – but Clott accidentlly left his whopee cushion on the guest chair! That interview didn’t go very well.”

– Eddzy


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  1. Guys, where does it say like who’s going to be interviewed next etc?


  2. Thanks. Please post the Scribbles Asks post :D


  3. buzzy56binweevils

    Oh Yes Your on The You asked it page. Its Says Asked By Hf556


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