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It’s nearly Halloween, and your nests have never been scarier!  The Nest Inspector loves these ghoulishly cool nest items you’ve been collecting from the Manic Manor maze… Check out some of the out some tip-top spooky rooms inside Best Nest Magazine, out now at Weevil Post!


Want to get your feelers on these weevily wicked items? Bin Tycoon members can collect treasure by playing the Manic Manor game inside Flem Manor!  Hurry there now, because this spook-tacular magic won’t last forever…


– dav999


About dav999

im a weevil that likes blogging and having fun and becoming famous as well as leveling up.I work on many famous blogs like universal edits and weekly weevil blog and I have m own famous blog called bin everywhere!

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  1. Two more things. Thanks for categorising, but we don’t need to put this into the Halloween category. It needs to go into the “dav999” category, what I made just for you. The other thing, please post the other What’s New Blog post :)


  2. Please remember to make images their full size, and align them to the centre. We also don’t use post tags, we just use “- author name” I also see you did a link to your site. On here, we don’t advertise other sites. I know I put my link on your blog, well, your welcome to remove the links from my posts.


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