Sky Landers Swap Force Information & Hunt Answers!

Hey Weevils!

If you visit Slam’s Party Box you will find that Skylanders Swap Force has taken over! Click the bridge to climb over to the island to get started!


Once you’ve climbed to the other island another screen will come up with a closer view of the island. See the black figures? You will need to find the bubbles hidden around the Bin to view their full identity! We’ve have managed to located the bubbles and have featured the answers into this post to help you.

  • Bubble 1: Rigg’s Movie Multiplex
  • Bubble 2: Flem Manor
  • Bubble 3: Club Fling
  • Bubble 4: Gong’s Pipenest
  • Bubble 5: Shopping Mall

My fellow lucky Bin Weevils, you can also get your hands on two exclusive free nest items! You can take away a free poster by clicking the fan button and earn a nest item by clicking the nest button!


Please leave your comments below on what you think of the nest item and fan poster! I think they’re Bin-tastic.

– Eddzy


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