Bin Weevils Turbo Information, Hunt Answers & Puzzles!

Hey Weevils!

To celebrate the release of Turbo, Bin Weevils have hidden five bubbles around the Bin. We have managed to locate all of these bubbles and have displayed the answers onto this post! Did you know? Each bubble is worth 50 mulch, so I would get searching before it ends!

  • Bubble 1: Dosh’s Palace
  • Flem Manor
  • Rigg’s Movie Multiplex
  • Gong’s Pipenest
  • Castle Gam

You can also get your hands on an exclusive nest item, and a weevily wicked fan poster of Turbo!


Inside the snail shell, at Dirt Valley, you can take part in puzzles to win Mulch! We have managed to work out the puzzle answers, and here it is:


I found the Slider Puzzle the trickiest of them all, it takes determination and not giving up to complete it! You will earn 100 mulch if you complete this puzzle!

– Eddzy


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  1. Eddzy, do you still have the images that where on this post, because when BWE got hacked, these images went.


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