Morty Spotted!

Hey Weevils!

This afternoon I went to meet one of my bin-buddies on my previous weevil called davee and I noticed someone familiar standing at Flums Fountain. I clicked that weevil and it was morty, a Bin Weevils moderator! I need spotted him inside the Weevil Post working on the new design for Scribbles’ 200th Issue celebration! Unfortunately, as morty was crowded by a couple of weevils I was un able to take a picture of him at the Weevil Post.


When he was working, I asked him if he could add me and he did so, I was absolutely happy!

– Eddzy

It has now been proven, that morty does not work for Bin Weevils. Click here for more information!


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  1. Could you tell me when she’s back online? Also, this Bin Weevil has been playing for six months. I’m really not sire if this is a the real one.


    • I’m a bit puzzled with this weevil called morty as;
      1. moderators don’t add Bin Weevils
      2. he said I’m a bit busy at the moment.


      • I really think this is a fake Bin Mod. Bin-Xtra and a lot of other Bin Weevils blogs say its spelt moorty. Have you tried contacting Bin Weevils?


      • For some reason Bin Weevils never answer my emails.


      • I spotted Scribbles walking inside Flem Manor! I was to slow to catch up with him and take a picture :(


      • morty is NOT a moderator who works for BinWeevils. This account is FAKE, I have been told by the BinWeevils team in a recent e-mail I send yesterday. They have told me this account is goign to be banned.


      • I knew it! I do believe you, but could you possibly forward me the email?


      • Hello hf556! For personal reasons, I cannont forward the e-mail indicatin that morty is’nt a BinWeevils mod., as It’s my personal account. But What I could do is write a post about it ( IF I was an admin/editor on this amazing blog ) featuring a printscreen of the E-mail BW has sent me a few minutes ago. But It depends?


      • Sames! My Bin Weevil account is registered to my personal email. Maybe you could leave a comment with the print screen then I could post it on here and credit you? OR, you could forward it from your personal account to your Bin Weevil account, then forward it to me. It’s completely up to you!


    • But Can I work for this blog, As an Admin or something. then I will post about it, also you would’nt believe who is running that account, *hint* is a weevil that runs a BinWeevil blog (most recently) I was surprised as BW gave me some extra information about this weevil who has been doing some fake accounts pretending to be a MOD. reply ?


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