Bin Tunes: Scribbles Interviews Bing!

Hey Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New blog:


Bing is absolutely bonkers about Christmas! He loves the festive season so much that he celebrates all year long. Whether it’s March or September, you’ll find his nest bedecked in tinsel and his garden covered in fake snow.  Now he’s even recorded his very own Christmas song: Christmas Every Day!


Next Tuesday, you’ll be able to check out a clip from this jinglin’ tune at Club Fling! Read on as Scribbles dishes the facts on the Bin’s merriest inhabitant.


Check out the full track listing at, and keep an eye out today for a BIG announcement about the Bin Tunes Animate It Music Video Competition! Bin Tunes is YOUR album, and four of our lucky fans will win a chance to help direct the next Bin Weevils Music Video!  Bin-tastic!

– davee


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  1. Pardon me asking this, but why are you called ‘The Binweevils Company’.

    There IS a Binweevils company. It’s called -_-

    There’s alot of copying in this Binweevils cheat site genre. For example, Binweevils cheats gang kept reffering themselves to Binweevils Gang. They are NOT Binweevils Gang and they even went as far as using the old Binweevils Gang banner which DID NOT belong to them.


  2. We are a Bin Weevils fan blog, called Bin Weevil Company. We are no way affected by the Bin Weevils copyright.


  3. Thanks davee :)


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