Two Brand New Codes From the Bin Weevils Official Annual 2014!

Hey Weevils!

There’s more than four months to the year 2014, but Bin Weevils have released the Bin Weevils Official Annual 2014, and as usual, there’s codes in it!


Bin Weevils Official Annual 2014 Code


Bin Weevils Official Annual 2014 Code 2

Whenever a new code comes out, we guarantee we will be one of the first blogs, to let you know about it! Why not visit the secret codes page, to view a large range of other codes!

- hf556

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About hf556

Hello, I'm hf556 and I've been playing Bin Weevils since early 2011 and I mostly enjoy hanging out with my Bin Buddies around the Binscape.

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  1. is that the only code

  2. Now I’m confused. The Bin Weevils blog says there’s a bin pet temple mosaic code in this book, but there isn’t.

  3. All your codes are good from other websites. Excellent codes are usually left on very good websites I thought that code was good. So what i am really saying is that this is a good website.

  4. it worked
    thanks for the code

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