Weekend Puzzle Challenge Answer 9.06.13!

Hey Weevils!

Another weekend, another Sunday, another Weekend Puzzle Challenge and another Weekend Puzzle Challenge answer by Bin Weevil Company! Today you will get a plate of tapas nest item. Anyway, the code is:



Can’t get enough of these wicked cool codes? Visit the codes page, a page that showcases all the Bin Weevils codes.

- davee

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About Eddzy

Hi! I'm Eddzy, a Bin Weevils player & blogging enthusiast who cannot get enough of the Bin Weevils experience because everything about it is fantastic! I have a Bin Pet named dash who I just love to look after & care for! But he does eat so much food beyond your imagination & I have to refill his bowl every 6 times-a-day! I've been blogging & using Wordpress for almost 2 years and since then my writing/grammar skills have increasingly improved! It's a pleasure to be blogging for the Bin Weevils community, after all it is just for them! If you would like to talk and/or have a question, please contact binweevilseddzy@gmail.com

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  1. Thanks for posting this davee! Remember though, write the date in the title.

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