Bin Weevil Company Halloween Party 2014!

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Hello Bin Weevils!

With Halloween literally around the corner, what good would it be, without celebrating with the team here at Bin Weevil Company? That’s why we’re going to be having a Halloween party!

We understand that quite a few of you will be going Trick ‘N’ Treating, so that’s why we’ve put the party quite early in the afternoon.

Halloween Image Party

We hope to see you there, make sure it isn’t too scary for you.. muhahahahha

- hf556

Vote @Bin_Weevils In The #BaftaKidsVote!

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Hello Bin Weevils!


Weevily wow, it’s that time of year again when Bin Weevils are entered into the Bafta Kids Vote! They’ve managed to win three years in a row, and wouldn’t it just be Bin-tastic if they won for the fourth year in a row?

Maybe Bin Weevils may win a world record of winning the Bafta Kids Vote the most times, you never know!


Wow, it seems like the Bafta Voting Booth, which returns every year, has returned to the Shopping Mall! Click this image to visit the Bafta website and vote for Bin Weevils!

The team at Bin Weevils have been working incredibility hard recently for us and it would only be fair if we said thank you to them, by voting for them in the Bafta Kids Awards!

- hf556

Spookify Your Look With TWO Bin Tastic New Hats!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Halloween is just a matter of days away right now, and to celebrate, the Bin Weevils Team has released two brand new Spook Tastic hats to spook your Halloween look. These hats are a Grinning Pumpkin Hat and the Cauldron Hat.

New Pumpkin Hat

Cauldron Hat

As you can see in the pictures above, yoshi6601 is showing off the two new terrifying at Flem Manor and inside the Witches Cafe. He is is also sporting his brand new spooky Halloween look.

To buy these brand new hats, weevil along to Hem’s Hat’s inside Dosh’s Palace, and you’ll be able to buy the two hats for 60 and 40 Dosh.

- Yoshi6601

Weevil Of The Week – red3447!

Hello Bin Weevils!


Congratulations to red3447 for becoming Weevil of the Week! Check out their answers to the questions below!

What’s your favourite colour and why?

My favourite colour is red and sometimes green. I like red because it catches my eye on something such as a red Weevil. I always see that first!

What’s your favourite thing to do in the Bin?

I like hanging out with my buddies (they’re cool), meeting awesome friends and having a dance at Club Fling, I’ve got bintastic moves. I love watching Bin Banter, how did they make Lab talk? Amazing editing I hope I can be in the next episode!

Where’s your favourite Bin hangout and why?

My favourite part of the Binscape is  Nest Street because it might get bigger and exciting.

Why should YOU be Weevil of the Week?

I think I should be Weevil of the Week because I like collecting moves and fantastic trophies!  I hope I win that massive move! Bye!

You could be the next Weevil Of The Week and win this Bin-tastic prize pack too! Find out how to enter here.

- hf556

New Bin Weevils Video: Bin Banter #3 – All Hallows’ Weev Part 2!

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s a Thursday, and that means it’s time for more Bin Banter! Woohoo! In today’s episode, unicron is still left stranded inside the strange Halloween Crypt, with drewbian and Maybee missing. Will unicron find them both and save the day? Find out by watching today’s episode!

To watch the video, simply watch above or by clicking here.

~ Yoshi6601

Sport Your Spooky Style & Win!

Hello Bin Weevils!


Attention, all weevily witches and wizards! Make sure you’ve got your pointy hats on, because starting TODAY there’s a little extra magic afoot in the Binscape. Keep your hat on for a chance to earn an exclusive Halloween nest item if you’re spotted with a spooky style!


Pick one up right now at Hem’s Hats inside Dosh’s Palace!


- hf556

Welcoming Yoshi6601 To Bin Weevil Company!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I’m yoshi6601, and I’m the brand new author for this Bin Tastic Bin Weevils fan blog, Bin Weevil Company. Before I introduce myself, I’d just like to quickly thank my awesome buddy, hf556 for inviting me to the blog. I just can’t wait to get started!

Bin Weevil Company Intro

As I mentioned earlier in the post, my name is yoshi6601, but you can call me Yoshi. I’m a 12 year old blogger and avid gamer. I just can’t get enough of playing the whacky world of Bin Weevils, which is why I love blogging about it. I joined Bin Weevils around early 2011, and am a fairly old weevil. I am a Bin Tycoon, and have my very own Bin Pet named, jack. My favourite things about Bin Weevils are the brand new updates and party’s, chatting to my weevily friends and just having fun.

I hope you enjoyed my introductory post for Bin Weevil Company, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I also have my very own Bin Tastic Bin Weevils Blog called, The Weevily Gang, and you can visit it by clicking here.

- Yoshi6601

Best Nest Issue #110 Review

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s starting to get closer to Halloween and as such there’s even more scary rooms throughout every page of Best Nest so continue reading if you dare…


I simply couldn’t resist not featuring this one, not when it has a Harry Potter references all over the place and to be honest, this does look like a room in Hogwarts with all the cauldrons, scrolls, jars and most importantly, floating candles. It even seems as if Ashby is busy practicing a bit of magic themselves.


Next up we have a dark and dusty, spider-filled castle. It seems as if this has been left for the passing of time to take care of. Or more rather to not take care of. This room shows off the new cobweb table and chair items very well since it mixes them with other cobweb themed items, including things like the spiders, the broomsticks and the chandelier to name a few. However, I feel this room will quickly lose its spider problem if someone lit the candle next to the cobweb chair.


“What’s this? A third room instead of the usual two?”
That’s right, this issue was filled with so many great designs I could only narrow it down to a top 3 (This post is in no particular order by the way). Fade’s room has been featured because of its simplicity and how he’s stuck to two recurring colours, which in this case, are orange and black and this has worked very well and has resulted in a sleek, modern room. The arrangement of the candles and sweet jars is also very nice. It also seems that Fade has caught the attention of the NEST_INSPECTOR thrice (Three times) before

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.

- Meep805

Brand New Mulch-Tastic Machine!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow, I’ve got another Bin-tastic reason for you to vote for Bin Weevils in the Bafta Kids Awards! Bin Weevils artist, Tombalol, hasn’t stopped this month, he’s just finished designing an awesome Mulch Tastic!

Head over to Weevil Post or Slam’s Party Box and click Mulch Tastic.

New Mulch Tastic

The old Mulch Tastic had really bad and dark graphics and Tombalol has really freshened it up. I really love what Tombalol is doing to the Binscape, I don’t really like how it was all grimy and dark. You shouldn’t really be confused about the new layout, because the layout is exactly the same, the graphics have just been upgraded.

I’m sure Tombalol is currently working on the next Bin-tastic update, I can’t wait to find out what it could be! Bin Weevil Company would love to hear your opinion on the new Mulch Tastic, so what are you waiting for? Get commenting!

- hf556

Tiny Weevil Asks: New Map, New Places?

Hello Bin Weevils!

This morning at 9:00 AM, you’re probably already aware, that the Bafta Kids vote opened, and that obly means means oen thing…you can vote for Bin Weevils!

Every year, Bin Weevils upload a video for the Bafta Kids Vote, to go with their entry, this year, me and Dumdawg have been looking thought it, and we have spotted a new map, which Bin Weevils snuck into the video! We have also spotted that two paths, leading to a lake area, so it’s possible that that could this mean a new lake is coming into the Bin?

New Bin Weevils Map 2

The map has had a total re-vamp and it looks really awesome! At Rums Cove, on the map, they have added a runway to make it more realistic, and it’s Bin-tastic! They have also made a cycle between Riggs Moviemultiplex, Flem Manor, Club Fling and have put Flum’s Fountain in the middle, which looks so awesome!

Do you like the new map? Comment below! Remember, it’s not out in-game yet. It would be greatly appreciated if you could comment your opinions, as Scribbles will be doing a post with them all in!

- Tiny Weevil


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