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Hello Bin Weevils!


Weevily wow, it’s that time of year again when Bin Weevils are entered into the Bafta Kids Vote! They’ve managed to win three years in a row, and wouldn’t it just be Bin-tastic if they won for the fourth year in a row?

Maybe Bin Weevils may win a world record of winning the Bafta Kids Vote the most times, you never know!


Wow, it seems like the Bafta Voting Booth, which returns every year, has returned to the Shopping Mall! Visit it now and click ”Vote Bin Weevils”, to vote now!

The team at Bin Weevils have been working incredibility hard recently for us and it would only be fair if we said thank you to them, by voting for them in the Bafta Kids Awards!

- hf556

Tiny Weevil Asks: New Map, New Places?

Hello Bin Weevils!

This morning at 9:00 AM, you’re probably already aware, that the Bafta Kids vote opened, and that obly means means oen thing…you can vote for Bin Weevils!

Every year, Bin Weevils upload a video for the Bafta Kids Vote, to go with their entry, this year, me and Dumdawg have been looking thought it, and we have spotted a new map, which Bin Weevils snuck into the video! We have also spotted that two paths, leading to a lake area, so it’s possible that that could this mean a new lake is coming into the Bin?

New Bin Weevils Map 2

The map has had a total re-vamp and it looks really awesome! At Rums Cove, on the map, they have added a runway to make it more realistic, and it’s Bin-tastic! They have also made a cycle between Riggs Moviemultiplex, Flem Manor, Club Fling and have put Flum’s Fountain in the middle, which looks so awesome!

Do you like the new map? Comment below! Remember, it’s not out in-game yet. It would be greatly appreciated if you could comment your opinions, as Scribbles will be doing a post with them all in!

- Tiny Weevil

GLAMM Spotted and MagicPurpleBee Spotted

Hello Bin Weevils!

Today, I have spotted to amazing, awesome, Bin Weevils HQ staff, so that’s why I am doing this post. I am doing this post because some people missed them both, so I just want to share some pictures I snapped.

Spotting Glamm:

As many of you know, GLAMM is back! GLAMM used to be part of the Egmont team but sadly they departed from Bin Weevils Ltd. But can you guess what has happened/ who has came back, which has made many people happy? GLAMM has returned, as hf556 posted the other day!


This picture was took at my very own nest, I am so pleased that I got a cracking photo! GLAMM will be back in the Binscape soon and we’ll try our best to post it on here!


This evening Dana aka MagicPurpleBee was wondering around the new Halloween area. Dana spent some time chatting to us about new features coming this Halloween, including an all-new Halloween map!


Dana has changed her look to a spooky ghost look, we will put this onto the Bin Weevils Team page soon.


Giving a Warm welcome to “jellydisco21″

Oh wow! This afternoon we got some gossip from MagicPurpleBee, she was talking about a brand new worker at the Bin Weevils HQ! Dana was touring this new staff member around the Bin and she even said his/her Weevil is jellydisco21.. Here at Bin Weevil Company we want to give you a warm welcome to this new staff member!

- Tiny Weevil

The Halloween Party Is Out Now!

Hello Bin Weevils!

lem Manor HaLLOWEEN

Looks like the Bin Weevils team have decided to give Flem Manor a spoooky makeover… visit it.. IF YOU DARE!

Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate it, the yearly Halloween party has arrived on the weevily spooky world of Bin Weevils! Will you dare to enter it? Head over to Flem Manor now and be prepared for a scare!

Bin Weevils Halloween Party 2014

Once you enter the spooky Halloween party, you’ll clearly notice that Manic Manor has returned from last year. I find this good, as I really enjoyed playing it last year! As you can see also, coming soon is an awesome looking machine, called Spooky Science! I wait to find out what that is…

It is also seems maybe the vault in the wall may be going to open soon and contain another spooky location?

It’s becoming a Bin Weevils yearly tradition now, to have the Witches Cafe! It’s spook-tastic with all the latest spooky Halloween food that any Weevil could want to eat! Visit it by clicking the Witches Cafe sign inside the Halloween Party.

Witches Cafe BW

What is your opinion of the brand-new, spooky Halloween party on Bin Weevils?

I actually think this year’s Halloween party is a complete let-down. Last year, they released it about a week later than they have now and we had some awesome adverts on the loading screen, which got us weevily excited. They also did an event on the What’s New Blog, where Scribbles was missing and was captured by ghosts at Flem Manor.

This year, it has been completely rushed and they’ve put absolutely no care into making it.

- hf556


Hello Bin Weevils!

A few months ago, when Bin Weevils left their magazine publishers, Egmont, and moved to Kennedy Publishing, you’re favourite Bin Celebrities, Monty, Glamm and Mudd left.

Recently, Kennedy Publishing sent out a survey to quite a few Weevils who had got in-touch with them in regards to the recent issues, and I believe quite a few people got back to them, saying they would like characters such as Monty, Glamm and Mudd back.

Bin Weevil Company are now proud to announce that they have made a Bin-tastic return!

- hf556

Brand New Spook-Tastic Design At Dosh’s Palace!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Not long untill Halloween now, and you know what that means… BOO!

A brand new spooky design has hit Dosh’s Palace and it was designed by the awesome Weevil, coursim! Maybe this Weevil will end up being an artist…

New Dosh's Palace Halloween Themed Design

Here at Bin Weevil Company, we think this looks absolutely amazing and it’s definitely enough to spook anyone out!

I quite like how Bin Weevils are doing different designs for Dosh’s Palace in different seasons throughout the year, such as they did one in Easter. Do you think we’ll probably have a Christmas design competition for Dosh’s Palace?

- hf556

Your Answers: Bin Mart Being Removed

Hello Bin Weevils!

A couple of days ago, I did a post asking you what you thought of the new Shopping Mall and Bin Mart being removed.

Do you have an idea for what we could do next for our Bin Weevil Company Asks event? Just let me know!

Please ignore the picture of KalEi, we are just using an image from one of our previous posts.

Please ignore the picture of KalEi, we are just using an image from one of our previous posts.

The above picture is a snapshot of what the Shopping Mall looked like before Bin Mart was removed from the Binscape.

I must say that I had some absolutely amazing responses from you and I decided to be extra kind, I’m going to share all your responses!

Jackdude148: I actually don’t really mind, as when they changed it, I really like the bundles and the show room.

Weevisla: I agree with some of the Weevils – it does look a lot like a posh hotel. However, some things are nice being posh… I think it looks nicer.

Sheepes3364 – I’m probably the only person to think that Bin Weevils did a great job with the updates. I like how everything is sorted into one shop, so it is much easier to search for your items. The only thing that would improve it would be to add a search feature – type in your item and you can buy it instantly!

Beano150 – I prefer the old look with Nestco and Bin Mart. There is no point creating a MASSIVE Cash Machine replacing Bin Mart.

Firexlxlxl – I think they should have kept the Shopping Mall as it was! They had an inside, like most shops do, and it didn’t have a fancy posh shop. If they had to get rid of one of the shops, I would have chosen to get rid of Nestco! Bin Mart is a lot better!

Mackied – If they did change it, it should have been Nestco that went, and there should still be an inside.

Eddzy – I must admit, the Shopping Mall looked a lot better before Bin Mart was removed. However, I rather like that they’ve put all the items into one shop, than us having to look for an item in between the two shops (Nestco and Bin Mart).

hf556 – I personally think there was no need to change it. We were absolutely fine with Bin Mart and Nestco and the inside of the new Nestco doesn’t even look like a shop.


- Scribbles

DRUM ROLL PLEASE! The New Nests Are Here!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily wow, I think a drum roll is needed here! Recently, the whole team at Bin Weevils have been worked day and night in BW HQ to provide you with this Bin-tastic update, which everyone’s been waiting for…

New nests are out now on Bin Weevils and I must say they look absolutely Bin-tastic!

Bin Weevils New Nest

As you can see, our Nest Hall has been completely re-designed by top artist, Tombalol! The room doors are averagely still in the same place as they were in the ‘old’ nest.

The nest rooms and garden are still the same, but the entrances have just been modernized. We have a funky new area now where it says our Weevil name and nest coolness and I really like the Bin card sign!

What is your thoughts on the new nests? We would love to know!

- hf556

Another Sneak Peak of The New Nests!

Hello Bin Weevils!

A while back, Bin Weevils released a sneak peak on their Twitter account of the brand new nests, which Bin Weevils artist, Tombalol is hard at work on!

Bin Weevils have now released another sneak peak on the What’s New Blog!


I think the new nests look absolutely Bin-tastic and I bet the Bin Weevils team are thrilled for when they’re going to release it to the public!

As you can see, our Tycoon Plaza and Cinema are still there, so please do not worry if you thought they were going – do you think we will have an upstairs?

We would love to hear your thoughts, so please comment below!

- hf556

Best Nest Issue #109 Review

Hello Bin Weevils!

It’s starting to get closer to that time of the year, Halloween, again, and as the month of October goes on, the nests keep getting more and more terrifying.


Manda2013’s room looks like an ancient catacomb (an underground graveyard/cemetery) with all the cracks in the walls and floors, along with the plant life that has started to take over. The inhabitants of this catacomb appear to have become restless and as such, have started to roam around, searching for their next weevily victim. The colour green is used quite a lot in this room and is used in a way that adds more atmosphere to it, especially since it lights up all the bats and spiders hanging on the ceiling.


Next we have Tiggee’s room. This one really stood out to me because of the simplicity of it, it’s not cluttered with stuff and it has quite a nice ambient feel to it. The amount of candles really adds a spookiness feel to the whole room, I’m not sure why, but it’s definitely there. I think of this room as a castle with a moon lit window behind the throne.


Along with this amazing issue of Best Nest we got a sneak peek at the new Nest Halls, stay tuned for more information on them!

P.S We now have our very own nest rooms page and we would love you to send in your nest rooms so we can display them! Click HERE to visit it.



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